We Want a Librarian on GLEE! Poll

Last year, on a whim, I initiated a We Want a Librarian on GLEE! Poll.  Almost immediately, the more devoted librarian-viewers of the show wrote to inform me that there had already been one or two quite forgettable portrayals of librarians on the show.  That, needless to say, is NOT what we had in mind!

As 2011 wound down and other matters demanded attention, I found myself unable to follow-through on reporting out the results of this poll.  Library Research Service to the rescue!  Happily, director Nicolle Steffen was able to recruit two LRS Research Fellows, Julie Teglovic and Chelsea Jordan-Makely to take on analyzing and writing up the results.

Their article appeared recently in School Library Journal.  Wondering who people want to see playing the GLEE librarian role?  What kinds of plots they envision?  Etc.?  Enjoy Julie’s and Chelsea’s report here.

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