Focus Group Interviews

In addition to his work as a researcher, Keith is also available as a facilitator of guided discussions that help to shape planning and/or evaluation efforts for major library projects involving multi-type library cooperation and technology integration.

Improving Telepractice of School Speech Language Pathologists (July 2020)

Responding the the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of  researchers at Florida State University, including faculty of the College of Communication and Information, are investigating the kinds of online tools and resources that might aid SLPs in delivering via telepractice the services to students they used to deliver at schools.  Keith moderated four focus group interviews of practitioners representing SLPs in Florida and nationwide who work with students at all grade levels.

PRISM Planning Project: PRISon libraries as Motivators of pro-social behavior and successful re-entry (April 2020)

The Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC) and the Colorado State Library  (CSL) collaborated to design and assess the viability of a study of the impact of prison libraries on their users–specifically their development of pro-social behavior, information literacy skills, and skills needed for successful re-entry.  Keith moderated two focus group interviews of formerly incarcerated individuals to obtain their feedback on the wording of survey questions to be asked as part of such a study.

CSLBannerLogoColorado’s State Program Plans for Library Services and Technology Act Funding (October 2016-March 2017, October 2011-March 2012) 

All state library agencies must produce five-year State Program Plans for spending Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds.  To support planning for the FY 2013-2017 and FY 2018-2022 cycles, Keith facilitated conversations with the State Library Management Team and units to develop ideas for these new plans.

logoLimitless Libraries Project, Nashville Public Library & Metropolitan Nashville School District (2011-2014)

In October 2011, Keith facilitated a conversation among stakeholders of the Limitless Libraries project, a partnership of Nashville Public Library and the Metropolitan Nashville School District. As a result of this conversation, he assisted them in developing a proposal to the Mayor’s Office, City of Nashville, to study the impact of the Limitless Libraries project on students and other beneficiaries.

Norlin Commons, University of Colorado Boulder Libraries (2007-08)

In 2007-08, Keith interviewed focus groups of University of Colorado Boulder Libraries faculty and staff to inform their planning of a Learning Commons and to assist them in achieving some consensus about the definition of leadership in the Libraries.