Visit to Kaiser Elementary School’s Highly Effective Library


Today, it was my privilege to be invited to visit one of Colorado’s Highly Effective School Libraries, the library at Kaiser Elementary School in Denver.  I was welcomed by principal Elinor Roller, who proudly introduced me to her teacher librarian, Karen Epps.  Karen gave me an interesting tour of her impressive library, and we discussed ways she might incorporate the action research and evidence-based practice models into her collaborative work with Kaiser classroom teachers.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that we might get to work together on something like that.  Karen is especially interested in documenting the impact of digital resources, such as the Web, licensed databases, and e-books.  It’s a great idea, and I hope she will pursue it, whether I get to be involved or not.  In doing something like that, she would be a wonderful role model to other teacher librarians.


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