Cited in Sixth Edition of Research Methods in LIS

Congratulations to Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Marie L. Radford on the 2017 Libraries Unlimited (ABC-CLIO) publication of the sixth edition of their Research Methods in Library and Information Science.

It is an honor to be cited in it four times:

  1. A Your Questions Answered sidebar, responding to the question: How do I develop a survey if I have no idea where to begin?   Answer hint:  Don’t–until you have determined that there isn’t any available data on the topic in question to mine.  (p. 109)
  2. A July/August 2002 article in Public Libraries magazine, Time to Tell the Who Story:  Outcome-Based Evaluation and the Counting On Results Project, co-authored with Nicolle Steffen and Rochelle Logan. (p. 353)  Notably, the 2000-2002 National Leadership Grant project, Counting On Results, was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and was a major precursor to PLA Project Outcome.
  3. A 2013 article in Teacher Librarian magazine, Achieving Academic Standards Through the School Library Program, co-authored with Debra Kachel.  (p. 353)  This article summarizes part of the 2012 Pennsylvania school library impact study, How Pennsylvania School Libraries Pay Off: Investments in Student Achievement and Academic Standards.
  4. A September/October 2002 article in a Knowledge Quest supplement, What Research Tells Us About the Importance of School Libraries (link to a Teacher Librarian supplement of same), originally presented at the June 2002 White House Conference on School Libraries.  (p. 353)

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