Update on Pennsylvania’s 21st Century School Library Infrastructure Surveys


The surveys of librarians, teachers, and principals and other administrators in connection with Pennsylvania’s IMLS-funded 21st Century School Library Infrastructure study are off to a great start.  In barely 24 hours, here’s what the response rate looks like:

Librarians:                                               193 (31%) of 616

Teachers:                                                445 (24%) of 1854

Principals and other Administrators:    179 (17%) of 1059

If you’re a Pennsylvania school librarian and haven’t responded yet, we still need to hear from you and your educator colleagues.  This study will update the 2000 Pennsylvania school library impact study as well as identify infrastructure needs and estimate their costs.  The study is just the beginning of a major statewide effort to ensure that school libraries not only survive, but thrive.  For links to the surveys, visit the project website’s research page at: http://www.paschoollibraryproject.org/content.php?pid=289948&sid=2382959

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