Limitless Libraries Session at AASL National Conference, Nov 15, 2013, 3.15-4.30pm

If you will be attending the American Association of School Librarians national conference in Hartford, CT, on November 15, don’t miss the 3.15pm session on Limitless Libraries, the subject of this year’s impact study by the RSL Research Group. ¬†Stephanie Ham, former Project Coordinator of Limitless Libraries and current Lead Librarian for Metro Nashville Public Schools, will share some updates about the study during this session. ¬†Here’s an excerpt from the blurb about the program.

“Limitless Libraries, a partnership program between Metro Nashville Public Schools and Nashville Public Libraries, began in 2009 and has taken the city by storm. Limitless Libraries is centered on getting the best possible material to the students of Nashville. With two major aspects: collection development for school libraries and delivery of public library materials to schools, the program is reaching over 24,000 students.”

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