Jeffco Superintendent’s Response to Letter Opposing Librarian Cuts

Here is today’s response from the Jefferson County (CO) superintendent to my recent letter advising against accepting a recommendation to reduce librarian staffing at elementary and middle schools.


Dear Mr. Lance.

I appreciate the time you took to communicate your concerns and research regarding the suggested reduction of teacher librarians.  We are a learning organization and community members who are willing to communicate their concerns make our organization stronger.  Your statements regarding teacher librarians were heard and understood.  I, also, very much appreciate everything that our teacher librarians do to support the district’s educational outcomes and to increase student achievement for every student.

I know through personal conversations that the suggested reductions are painful for many staff and community members.  Although deep budgetary reductions are necessary for the district, decisions will not be made lightly.  Budget workgroups comprised of teachers, staff, parents and community members worked collaboratively to create the list of suggested budget reductions.

Thank you again for sharing your comments and insight.  I appreciate how difficult this news is for you and I want you to know that we are still committed to our libraries and the essential  role a teacher librarian plays in student success.


Dr. Cynthia Stevenson


C:           Heather Beck, chief academic officer

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