HuffPost Citation of Pennsylvania School Library Study

Yesterday (January 2, 2015), on the Huffington Post Education blog, Yohuru Williams posted an excellent article, Sense and Sensibility: Why Librarians Remain Essential to Our Schools.  This article cites findings from our latest Pennsylvania school library study, How Pennsylvania School Libraries Pay Off: Investments in Student Achievement and Academic Standards.


“A well-documented pool of research indicating the impact of librarians on student achievement exists. A 2011 Pennsylvania School Library Study, for example, found that school library programs most meaningfully affected students at risk. The same study determined that poor, minority students with learning challenges were at least twice as likely to earn “Advanced” writing scores when they had access to full-time librarians as those without access to full-time librarians.”


One correction:  while the study was based on 2011 data, it was published in October 2012, and posted online in early 2013.

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