2010 Data on Librarians by District Nationwide

Here’s a spreadsheet of the 2010 data on librarians by school district nationwide.  Categories range from 100+ librarians to exactly 1 to less than .25.  Zeroes and non-reports also included.  They’re all arranged in descending order by number of librarians, then alphabetical by state and district name.  Notably, a cursory review of the names indicates that, in addition to ‘regular’ districts, this list includes alternative schools, bureaus of cooperative services, charter schools, intermediate units, various types of state schools, and–apparently–some individual schools which, for some reason, report separately from their districts.

Click here to download this Excel spreadsheet.

2 comments on “2010 Data on Librarians by District Nationwide

  1. Could you post the spreadsheet in a different format? I am unable to open it (even with Microsoft Office 2010 installed).

  2. Sorry for the difficulty, Betsy. As you probably noted, the original file is in .xlsx format. See my latest blog post on this website for a .xls version of the file. Let me know if this works for you.