In addition to his work as a researcher, Keith is also serving as a facilitator of guided discussions that help to shape planning and/or evaluation efforts for major library projects involving multi-type library cooperation and technology integration.



Limitless Libraries Project
Nashville Public Library & Metropolitan Nashville School District (2011-present)

In October 2011, Keith facilitated a conversation among stakeholders of the Limitless Libraries project, a partnership of Nashville Public Library and the Metropolitan Nashville School District. As a result of this conversation, he is assisting them in developing a proposal to the Mayor’s Office,┬áCity of Nashville,┬áto study the impact of the Limitless Libraries project on students and other beneficiaries.


Norlin Commons
University of Colorado Boulder Libraries (2007-08)

In 2007-08, Keith interviewed focus groups of University of Colorado Boulder Libraries faculty and staff to inform their planning of a Learning Commons and to assist them in achieving some consensus about the definition of leadership in the Libraries.